Creative & Professional Design

From concept to creation, we work closely with each of our clients to develop a customized plan that maximizes the use of your outdoor space.

The scope of our talents is varied. A garden developed with drought-tolerant native plants, attracting birds and butterflies is a welcome addition to a home. Discouraging pesky wildlife who can wreak havoc in a garden is sometimes a necessary task. Front entry areas have special needs, such as improving the value of the property or dealing with safety issues. Our objective is to bring our talents to the table, to help create your ideal garden.

The environment and footprint we leave is a priority for us and part of our tradition. We continually strive to learn about implementing cutting-edge, eco-friendly building practices. Some of our strategies have included: use of sustainable products, develop water and energy saving strategies, re-use and recycling of existing materials, use materials such as plants and pavers which are eco-friendly and planting over 1,000 trees over the past 10 years.

To see examples of our design work, please click here to view our portfolio. To schedule a free garden evaluation, or to learn more about our design services, you may call us at 847-290-8785, or email us at [email protected]

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