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Des Plaines Landscaping

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For more than three and a half decades, M3 Landscape Management, Inc. has been delivering the conceptual landscaping design, the architectural documentation, engineering, cost analysis, budgeting, in-house construction services and maintenance that is known for saving both time and money for our clients throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. We are widely recognized as the leading landscaping design artists in the region. Not only do we provide dynamic commercial and industrial landscaping design services, but we offer retail property landscape services, serve homeowners’ associations, multi-unit rental properties, and municipalities, as well. Customers are well-aware that M3 Landscape Management’s landscape designers will be able to increase the value of their homes, in addition to attracting renters to their rental properties. Further, our professionals confidently stand behind all of their landscaping projects. Therefore, whenever our neighbors from Des Plaines are searching for the finest landscaping designers in the industry, the only name they need to know is M3 Landscape Management!

Des Plaines Landscapers

Des Plaines, Illinois is in Cook County with approximately 59,000 residents living there. Elk Grove Village, home of M3 Landscape Management, Inc., is conveniently located only a little more than six miles southwest of Des Plaines. As Chicagoland’s principal landscaping professionals, we provide the following landscape design services to Des Plaines clients:

  • Landscape Maintenance;
  • Seasonal Color;
  • Landscape Construction;
  • Irrigation & Water Management;
  • Snow & Ice Management;
  • Green Roof Design/Build/Maintenance; and
  • Tree Care.

From conception to completion, our landscape design artists are renowned for working cooperatively with their Des Plaines clients to integrate their own landscape ideas directly into the landscaping project in order for it to be a true expression of the clients’ preferences and tastes. Moreover, M3 Landscape Management will always endeavor to never go beyond our customers’ budgets.

Des Plaines Landscape Design

M3 Landscape Management’s will be there for you to ensure that all future maintenance issues will be dealt with promptly and professionally. We will also be on hand to assist you in choosing the best plantings to incorporate into your landscape design that will be most appropriate to your location and will benefit the environment, as well as ensuring we always take every opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint whenever possible. You can also count on M3 Landscape Management to not only meet your expectations, but to most likely exceed them. Besides that, we always strive to construct the most balanced and environmentally-friendly landscape design concepts. To learn more about our amazing landscaping designers and their landscape work, or to receive your FREE quote on landscape design, call M3 Landscape Management, Inc. at: (847) 290-8785, today.

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